“But on Mount Zion there shall be deliverance,
And there shall be holiness; The house
of Jacob shall possess their
possessions". -Obidiah 1: 17


Warm Greetings to you...

Calvary Deliverance Ministries, as our  name implies, is a ‘Healing and Deliverance’ ministry in line with Luke 4:18, where the mission of Jesus on earth was summed up. By the Grace of God, the ministry has applied itself to the mandate that has become a household name for deliverance in Johannesburg and South Africa as a whole.

Our ministry  reaches out to  people from diverse backgrounds, multiple ethnicities, cultures and professions. Not to take sides but take over in trailblazing new frontiers in spirituality and excellence while spreading abroad through a full demonstration of Godly prosperity.

We are a commission set to raise a ‘take-over generations’
To make disciples of the unchurched in order to re-establish God’s kingdom on earth:    Building people, Building dreams,  with emphasis on a sound doctrine.
• A pursuit of the active presence of God and the ministry of the Holy Spirit by speaking in tongues.
• A pursuit of Godliness and Righteousness through the application of His grace.
• Committed to relationship as a channel for God’s blessings in our lives.
• Committed to service to God and to humanity. 


General Overseer : 
Pastor Godwin Udodinma Ogazie 

Pastor Godwin Udodinma Ogazie is the General Overseer of Calvary Deliverance Ministries. He was born in the town of Umuaka, a very popular place in Imo State Nigeria. Pastor Godwin was formerly a successful businessman before the Lord called him into the work of the ministry. He was into importation & exportation and a major dealer with Coca-Cola Nigeria Ltd. Now a very mighty instrument in the hand of God, with a rare gift in the area of deliverance and prophecy. Today, he is based in Nigeria where he heads all the branches of Calvary Deliverance Ministries as commissioned by God. He is married to Pastor Mercy Ogazie, who also is a great instrument in the hand of God and they are blessed with lovely children. 



Resident Pastor:
Pastor Innocent Dibia

Pastor Innocent Chukwunwike Anointed Dibia is currently the presiding pastor at Calvary Deliverance Ministries International and the General Coordinator of the ministries of Southern African branches. A seasoned minister of the gospel with an unmistakable passion for God’s people and national transformation, he is an evangelist and powerfully gifted and used by the Holy Spirit in the area of healing and deliverance. A prolific speaker and a leading voice in Ministry and Leadership circles, he is passionate about raising people who are thoroughly steeped in Kingdom values, yet very relevant in the secular world. He is endowed with exceptional writing skills.

Pastor Dibia was born in Ubulu- Uku, Delta State Nigeria. He gave his life to God at a very young age and has been faithfully committed to the work of the Lord. Pastor Innocent attended Anglican Grammar School, Ubulu-Uku and had his higher learning education with Lagos State Polytechnic, Lagos Nigeria. He was a young man full of ambition and potential to make a change in the circular world of his generation, but was called by God into full time ministry. As part of the preparation for the ministry, Pastor Innocent also completed training with “PROJECT PHILIP MINISTRY OF THE BIBLE LEAGUE, USA”. He also graduated with DAYSTAR LEADERSHIP ACADEMY, where exceptional leadership skills were taught and he is currently studying with the Anoited University Ministries, South Africa.

He Pastor Innocent is happily married to Pastor Grace, a service Pastor and a very strong instrument in the hand of God and they are blessed with two lovely children Destiny and Sharon.




Our doors are wide open for you to partner with us, as we carry out the Lord's mandate to reach souls for Christ and embark on various missionary projects for the Lord. 


To donate towards any of our projects, you can use the banking details below, to extend  your hand of  Love and Support to our Ministry:  Account Name: Calvary Deliverance Ministries Int'l Account Number: 4084562636. Bank: ABSA  


Our God can make what seems impossible, possible.
(Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”)
 LUKE 18:27



I want to appreciate the God of CDM for showing me favour. It was on the first day of the Program titled “O LORD SHOW ME YOUR FAVOUR” that the man of God prophesied that before 24 hours someone must receive favour. To the glory of God, the same day, I received a favour that made me clear off all my debts, settle my family, and established in business. I am a living witness that God is working miracles in Calvary Deliverance Ministries Int'l(CDM). Today, I am a free man enjoying the favour of God . BRO. ONYEBUCHI 


I want to give thanks to the God of this Great Commission for honouring the word of His Servant in my life.
It was during one of the Sunday Services that the man of God called me out, prayed and prophesied to me that the battle is over in my life.
Truly, I was going through a lot of battles in my life, I had lost my job, I had a lot of family challenges.
But God honoured the word of His Servant, 3 days after the prophecy and prayer, I got a job which I am still doing till now. Indeed, there is God in C.D.M Glory be to God. BRO. GIVEN 


I am here to praise the name of God, I came to Calvary Deliverance Ministries International walking with two crutches, I could not step my feet on the ground. But I stand here today to give glory to God for healing me and removing my crutches. I am completely delivered and healed by God; I can walk and dance without crutches.
Secondly, this same God has blessed me with a very good job when many were losing their jobs. I am grateful.


It was during the lockdown that my boss unfairly dismissed me. As a result of that, I took him to CCMA, which didn’t give me much result. It was then I resorted to handing the matter over to God. I went to my Pastor and explained the whole situation. He prayed with me and gave me Prayer Points to make. To the Glory of God, I stand here to testify that my boss has called me and paid my 8 months salary.
Glory be to God.


I am here to give glory to God for restoring my lost glory. Some years ago, I was blessed but because of my spiritual carelessness I lost everything. It was then, someone directed me to Calvary Deliverance Ministries International where I settled down and became a member.
Today, the God of C.D.M has restored everything I lost. I have finished my building project which was abandoned for many years. I came to the Service this morning with my new car. I am a living witness that God answers prayers. BRO. PATRICK . 


I want to give glory to God for releasing His blessings upon my business. Since I started worshipping in Calvary Deliverance Ministries International, my whole life has changed including my business. Now everything I touch and every move I make, yields good result. My business is doing very well, everything I lost has been restored double. During the National Lockdown, the Lord miraculously blessed me with two cars. Glory be to God. BRO. CHIGOZIE 


Worship With Us: 

Wednesday : Prophetic and Deliverance Service - 8:30am - 10:45am.

Sunday : Breakthrough Service -9:00am - 12:00noon

Friday: Prayers and Counseling: 9:30am - 12:30pm.
Online Service: Midnight Warfare Prayers - Every Friday @ 12:00midnight on facebook @ Calvary Deliverance Ministries International SA.




+27 733132958
email address:


183, Commissioner Street, Commissioner and Mooi, Johannesburg,
South Africa.


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